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Friday, December 17, 2010

Under Duress, Obama signs Tax Rate Extention

By Joseph Hovanec Jr
Even though he doesn't like it, President Obama signed the bipartisan tax package that has divided both parties. Meanwhile, the White House says there's no viable alternate plan. That is because the Democrats in control never had one, unless you count raising taxes as a plan.

Despite repeated visits by thousands of business groups and concerned citizens including our NJECPAC, the Democrats who have had control of Congress for 4 years have had no real interest in moving the economy forward. The proof is in their actions. They throw money at the economy and go on to one of their other Liberal agenda items, throw more money at it and go back to their alternate agenda. As long as they can keep throwing money at it in the hopes of increasing their base, the economy in its current state is working for them. That was evident in their insistence that unemployment be again extended, which in itself takes away much of the incentive for many to even look for work.

It seems that everything the Republicans have been pushing for, and Democrats wouldn't consider ultimately became an emergency for them at the last minute such as this tax deal. The Democrat Majority have had 4 years to extend the Bush tax rates and they refused, and then it became an emergency. And they still have not fixed it they merely put a two year band aid on it. The bill that passed will expire in 2012 so they can make it into an election issue.

They should have fixed health care years ago when President Bush was trying to implement real reform that would have resulted in significant premium savings but again the Democrats blocked all efforts to reform health care.  Even Obama voted no to every health care reform bill while in the Senate. Now as President it became an emergency, and in their haste passed a egregious monstrosity of a health care law that is already increasing costs, people are losing their health care, Health care companies are getting out of the business all together and the law was recently found by a federal judge to be unconstitutional. 

Early on in his Presidency The Democrats Passed and Obama signed the so called Lilly Ledbetter Act, which was presented under the guise of equal rights for women. That is of course a noble cause so who can argue with that. The problem is what they passed causes business to rethink even hiring women due to the extension of the statute of limitations on discrimination lawsuits (not just for women) to a virtually perpetual level. The Law that was passed makes it impossible as time goes on for Business to defend themselves against frivolous discrimination lawsuits.  

Luckily for American taxpayers, Harry Reid was forced to pull the Massive Spending bill due to the noble efforts of Republican Senators who stood by their firm stance against wasteful spending. Read Bill Here
The spending bill was packed with over 8 billion in earmarks from both parties, although 90% of them are from Democrats. Click here to see how much the Spending Bill would have cost you.

Unfortunately, virtually every Bill that Congress has passed or wanted to pass since the Democrats have been in control includes the epitome of unintended consequences.  

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Eating Their Own: 600 IBEW Members Picket Carpenters’ Union Hall

A large protest over union recognition attracted about 600 IBEW workers outside of a union hall on Hampton Ave. in south St. Louis.

Nationwide, unemployment reached 9.8% last week and in the construction industry the unemployment rate is nearly 19%. This is causing union bosses to think ‘outside the box’ on how to get work for their unemployed members, even if it includes stepping on another union.

In April, the Carpenters’ union in St. Louis did what, in the union building trades, is the unthinkable, they set up their own electrical union to compete with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW).

The IBEW in turn launched a counter-offensive. On Tuesday evening, the IBEW hit the Carpenters’ Union hall with 600 picketers to protest the encroachment.

Could this happen in New Jersey? There is no way to know, but stay tuned.

Hows That For Solidarity.
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Obama suffered a major blow when, a federal judge in Virginia ruled Monday that a key provision of H.R 3590, the new national health care reform law is unconstitutional.

U.S. District Court Judge Henry Hudson said that forcing individuals to purchase health insurance was in violation of the Constitution's "commerce clause,"
The Washington Post reported.

The courts cannot enforce the law's requirement that Americans be fined if they don't have health insurance by 2014, the judge said in a 42-page opinion.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Unemployment Rate In Construction Rises To 18.8%

Construction Unemployment Rate Remains The Highest For Any Industry

The Unemployment Rate in Construction rose to 18.8 percent in November losing another 5,000 jobs since the end of October. Thats Roughly double the overall rate as federal projects remain the only bright spot for the Industry

The newly released Federal Government figures show the construction sector has experienced a higher rate of unemployment than any other Industry during this economic downturn.

"The unemployment report shows construction still has not broken free of the recession that has gripped the industry since 2006," said Ken Simonson, the AGC Association's chief economist. "Other than the stimulus and other temporary federal programs, it has been a pretty bleak four yours for the industry." Read More