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NJECPAC is a Continuing Political Committee (CPC). A CPC is any group of two or more persons acting jointly, or any corporation, partnership, or any other incorporated or unincorporated association, civic association or other organization, which in any calendar year contributes to aid or promote the candidacy of an individual, or the candidacies of individuals, for elective public office, or the passage or defeat of a public question or public questions, lobby for the passage or defeat of certain legislative bills introduced in the NJ Legislature in accordance with N.J.S.A. 19:44A-8(b). A CPC is frequently referred to as Political Action Committee (PAC). The NJECPAC was formed to provide funding for legislative initiatives of its members and its member organizations representing the interests of Electrical Contractors, Small Businesses and Taxpayers throughout the State of New Jersey.

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

President Obama: “Because Of You”

"You Live and Die By Your Vote.....As Does Everyone Else"
Joseph Hovanec Chairman of Government Affairs
President Obama: “Because Of You”

In Politics, You Are Either A Player Or A Victim, Which Are You Today

Friday, November 5, 2010

Senators Pennacchio, Doherty, Highlight U.S. Senator Lautenberg’s Failure

NJ Senator Joe Pennacchio
NJ Senator Joe Pennacchio, a member of the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee, issued the following statement regarding U.S. Senator Frank Lautenberg’s pronouncement that he will investigate the circumstances surrounding the cancellation of the ARC tunnel: 
“The plain fact of the matter is that this was an awful deal for New Jersey taxpayers who would have ultimately been on the hook for a minimum of $1 billion to nearly $5 billion in cost overruns on the ARC project. Sadly, for the commuters and the middle-class families of New Jersey, New York’s much more effective Senate delegation, cut a much better deal for their constituents. Luckily Governor Christie puts New Jersey taxpayers first. Read More

NJ Senator Michael Doherty
Meanwhile, State Senator Michael J. Doherty (R- Warren, Hunterdon) issued the following statement condemning Lautenberg’s investigation into the Governors cancellation of the ARC Tunnel project: 
“Senator Lautenberg’s so-called investigation is a partisan charade and an embarrassment to himself and the people of New Jersey,” said Senator Doherty. “Senator Lautenberg couldn’t deliver a funding arrangement for the ARC tunnel project that was fair to the taxpayers of this state and is now seeking to shift the blame for his failure..............New Jersey taxpayers should not be forced to carry the sole liability for huge cost overruns on a project that was marketed as a regional effort. New Yorkers would benefit substantially from the ARC tunnel but would bear none of the cost.  Read More

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bill Barring Potential Employee Credit Checks Reaches N.J. Assembly

New Jersey Assembly Chamber
Legislation A3238 that would bar New Jersey Employers from requiring credit checks before hiring someone in New Jersey may soon come before the full State Assembly.
The measure A3238 would bar credit checks unless the employer is legally required to do one or if it's needed due to the nature of the position being sought. A credit check may also be done if an employer reasonably believes a prospective employee has engaged in an improper activity that's financial in nature.

If the bill becomes law, violators could face $5,000 fines for an initial violation and $10,000 fines for subsequent violations.

The Assembly's labor committee approved the measure earlier this month, but a date for a full Assembly vote has not been scheduled. An identical bill S1922 has been introduced in the State Senate.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Jersey Election Recap

Runyan Defeats Adler

Ex-NFLer Runyan unseats incumbent in NJ House raceRepublican Jon Runyan, the former Philadelphia Eagles lineman, beat incumbent Democrat John Adler in a tight New Jersey House race, returning the seat to the party that had long controlled it.

Both Runyan and tea party organizations criticized Adler, claiming that his campaign planted a phony tea party candidate in the race to take votes from the Republican. Adler and the independent candidate, Peter DeStefano, both denied the accusations.

Adler was a longtime state legislator who won the congressional seat two years ago after the Republican who had long represented it retired. The district stretches from the Philadelphia suburbs to state's beaches.

Runyan spent 14 years in the NFL. He played for the Houston Oilers, Tennessee Titans, Eagles and San Diego Chargers.
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

IEC Releases Congressional Scorecard for 111th Congress

You can vote the status quo or you can vote for a business friendly Congress that will get out of the way of small business and allow free enterprise to work to grow the economy that has remained stagnant under this Administrations failed economic policies.

The undeniable fact is when Republicans were in control of Congress unemployment was below 5%. Since the Democrats regained control of Congress in the 2006 mid term election unemployment has risen steadily and when Democrats also took the White House in 2008 unemployment skyrocketed to its current level of 9.8%.....

This election is the most important in a generation. There is no better reason to discuss this election with everyone you meet than this. Not only do you live and die by your vote, so does everyone else, as do you by theirs.

To that end, In an effort to help inform Independent Electrical Contractors and others learn how their elected officials have voted on issues that have the greatest impact on IEC members,  small businesses and taxpayers around the country, IEC has produced a Congressional Scorecard for the 111th Congress.
This Scorecard may be viewed (and printed) by clicking here.

With so much at stake in the 2010 elections, members of NJECPAC, Trade & Business Organizations must encourage their co-workers, employees, and even friends and family to vote on November 2. The merit shop makes up 86% of the construction industry, and it is crucial that contractors encourage their employees to get active and make sure that their industry is represented on Election Day.

You may also visit www.IECVotes.com for more information on pending legislation and legislative initiatives that will effect You, Your Business, and every taxpayer across the country.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Battle For The Senate

Battle for the Senate
                            Current Senate: 59* Democrats | 41 Republicans
                            Likely: 48 Democrats      Toss Up 7     Republican 45

It is a foregone conclusion that the Republicans will take the House the question is do the Republicans have enough momentum to also take the Senate.

If you consider one thing before you vote consider this
"You live and die by your vote...as does everyone else" 
NJECPAC Government Affairs Director Joseph Hovanec

Vote Yes On Ballot Question to Dedicate Employee Benefit Funds

Stop raids on the unemployment insurance (UI) fund and other payroll-tax-supported programs will be decided in the November 2 election.

In addition to choosing members of Congress as well as county and local officials, voters in this election will be asked to vote on a constitutional amendment that would prohibit state government from taking your payroll tax payments to the unemployment insurance fund and temporary disability fund to pay for general state government spending.

We urge you and your employees to vote yes on the ballot question: "Constitutional Amendment to Dedicate Assessments on Wages by the State to the Payment of Employee Benefits."

For many years, the Legislature has been taking your UI tax payments to help balance the state budget. The Unemployment Insurance fund was created to build up cash reserves in good economic times so employers wouldn't have to pay higher payroll taxes in a recession, when they can least afford it. 

Between 1993 and 2005, past administrations of both parties depleted the fund to the tune of $4.7 billion in UI payroll tax diversions. As a result, employers are now getting hit with higher taxes to ensure the UI fund can pay unemployment benefits. If the fund had just been left alone, there would be plenty of money to pay benefits without raising taxes.

Governor Christie Exposes NJ Democrats Last Minute Raid On NJ Treasury

Gov. Christie: Corzine Was A "Quintessential Limousine Liberal"

Speaking before a Republican crowd of about 1,000 in Indianapolis, N.J. Gov. Chris Christie calls his New Jersey predecessor - Jon Corzine - the "quintessential limousine liberal democrat" and he offers more detail about how Christie says Corzine used wire transfers at 10:30 on the morning of Christie's inauguration to give some presents "Jersey style" to friends in Democratic strongholds across the state and help turn a $500 million surplus into a $2.2 billion deficit.