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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Obama Policies Are Stalling Economic Recovery

Obama Policies Stunting Job Growth, 
Stalling Economic Recovery 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics this week reported a significant drop in job openings, indicating America’s employers are hesitant to invest in and expand their businesses. Adding insult to injury, economists at Stanford University and the University of Chicago released a new chart on Tuesday showing economic uncertainty has shot up in recent months, a trend these economists have previously noted may stem from costly federal policies:

When businesses are uncertain about taxes, health-care costs and regulatory initiatives, they adopt a cautious stance.  Because it is costly to make a hiring or investment mistake, many companies will wait for calmer times to expand. If too many businesses wait, the recovery never takes off.

Instead of changing course and working with Republicans to reduce federal burdens and provide certainty to our nation’s job creators, the Obama administration continues to advance policies that discourage employers and harm job growth. Here are just two examples of federal policies that are stalling our economic recovery and having a chilling effect on America’s workforce: a government takeover of health care and an aggressive and job-destroying labor board.  Read More.

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July 19, 2012 6:00PM
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Friday, June 22, 2012

Unions Dealt Another Blow

NJECPAC Chairman Joe Coviello
on steps to U.S. Supreme Court
Labor Unions were dealt another blow yesterday by the Supreme Court in a ruling that stated that unions must inform their members of the intended use of dues assessments in particular when they are used for political activities providing an employee the opportunity to opt out. 

We have seen the failure of the unions’ in the Wisconsin recall attempt, Failure when a Federal Judge shot down the NLRB's mandatory posting requirement, and another Federal Judge shot down the NLRB's Micro Election rule which if implemented would allow unions to organize portions of a company, for example, in the construction industry Apprentices could be organized without organizing the rest of a company. 

Labor groups in Michigan are attempting to get a state amendment placed on the November ballot designed to guarantee the right to collective-bargaining for government and private-sector workers. If this is defeated in Michigan, one of the most unionized states in the country, 49 other other states could move to bring unions under control there, too. 

Joseph Hovanec Jr. IEC National
 Government  Affairs Chairman
Other states likely to make the next move in curtailing the power of Big Labor are Missouri, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Iowa and Pennsylvania.

The labor movement itself is stumbling forward, trying to find scapegoats while licking their wounds and clambering to stop their losses. Some steps that unions are taking are changing their leadership, mergers, and signing up the unemployed

Meanwhile, Big Labor will continue to point to “union-busters” as the cause of all their problems, rather than their lack of relevance in meeting the needs of today’s employees or the fact that they are killing the companies they organize.

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July 19, 2012 6:00PM
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