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Monday, August 1, 2011

Who Voted to Increase the Debt Ceiling? ,,,, Twice!!!!

Senate Democrats continue to hold press conferences denouncing Republicans for refusing to act on the debt crisis.  Judging from the continual liberal commentary, the generalization that House Republicans are incompetent do-nothings has resonated with Americans that don't pay much attention to the facts and only form their opinions on talking points. 

There was some support for that view when the GOP walked out of talks with the White House the other week but then Obama did the same thing so what does that make him? 

All of the rhetoric flies in the face of inarguable fact: The Republican-led House passed two bills in two weeks raising the debt ceiling. Harry Reid and the Senate tabled both of those bills only to vote them down leaving all of America the victim of their folly.

Now a deal is being reported, but it is not yet done deal. More....The losers in this new deal will be the American People who will suffer higher interests rates when the countries credit rating is downgraded. The reported deal is loaded with accounting gimmicks that essentially count unspent funds as cuts. Meanwhile the Debt will continue to climb as will interest rates for all Americans.

The Republicans original two deals contained provisions that were difficult, if not impossible, for Democrats to swallow. But facts are facts, and the facts are that the Republicans provided two pathways to a debt-ceiling increase that included responsible spending cuts and when a balanced budget amendment was included in a 'Cut, Cap & Balance' bill, Harry Reid and Democrats would not even look at it. Republicans have provided and passed legislation while the Democrats and Obama have provided nothing at all. 

In fact, Democrats have not presented a budget in 800 days, a historic first. So given the indisputable facts, who has been refusing to act? Remind me again, who are the 'Do-Nothings'?. Wait....that's not entirely true, the President has been tweeting !!!! Read More

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